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We are an HR Resource Company specializing in Mental Health, Psychological Safety and Interpersonal Excellence in the Workplace.

Our mission is to support you to transform your business and your employees by providing you with best in class Training Courses, Assessments, Consulting and Coaching, helping to make your workplace safer, more productive and compliant.

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The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. It is at the centre of everything you do. Our goal is to support you to become the best possible version of yourself in all aspects of your life. When you feel good about yourself you will work better, feel better, have better relationships and simply be happier!

To do this we understand that you need effective, efficient and affordable services delivered by professionals with exceptional expertise in their areas of practice to give you the insight, skills and strategies to effect the transformation you want in your life!

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What Clients Say

MDC has engaged Bizassessments to develop customized online performance reporting tools with the corporate office.  The implementation of our online performance reviews has been extremely well received by managers and employees alike.  The online tool is easy to use, and feedback reports are extremely insightful and well developed.
Joanne Coffman, VP, Talent Evolution, New York, NY, MDC Partners
I was concerned that some of my staff was experiencing pressure as a result of recent changes that may have been affecting productivity.  So I engaged you to create and roll out a department wide anonymous on line stress assessment.  The results surfaced some things I hadn’t been aware of and confirmed the good things we were doing. I highly recommend the professionals at bizassessments, along with their products and expertise.  And their personalized customer service was great.
Grant Bitcon, Station Manager, Swissport Canada Handling Inc.
I have engaged BizLifeSolutions on a number of occasions when dealing with staff performance issues.  After meeting with me they created the appropriate assessments to surface concerns in a non-offensive and helpful way.   Assessments were run on line in a 360 feedback style whereby I could provide my feedback and compare it with the perceptions of the employees.  This gave us a great place to start talking.  BizLife professionals also coached me on how to debrief tough issues in a way that was very productive.  I would highly recommend BizLifeSolutions for any size of company as it is an excellent training and human resource tool provider.
Paula Scott, Owner, Bestrate Financial