Our consultants are often called into companies to help leaders with bullying styles to improve their communication style, thus salvaging their jobs and improving the organization.

Did you know:

  • 78% of bullies are senior to the people they target
  • Bullies were often bullied as children
  • People who bully often don’t realize the extent to which their behavior impacts others because people are afraid to tell them
  • Bullies are usually fragile people who use aggression to protect themselves emotionally by keeping other people and their feedback at bay

But we have good news: workplace bullies can change!  Because our consultants are psychologically trained (at an M.A. or doctoral level) and attuned to the complexities of human behavior, they are able to help bullying leaders understand their impact and shift their styles into more respectful approaches.

Take Mary.  She is a senior member of a Leadership Team.  Her style alienated and scared others, so much so that people were avoiding her or going behind her back to get things done.   We started working with Mary to raise her self-awareness, become empathetic to others (no small task), accept that her style was offensive and counter-productive and learn new effective approaches to interacting and leading others.  Today Mary is a star performer at an organization that was ready to terminate her because of the damage and risk she was creating to the company.

Our Leading with Respect Bootcamp is an alternative to direct coaching.  Accessed online it allows individuals to become more self-aware as well as learn the crucial skills to effective leadership.  Contact us today for more information