Bullying isn’t just about yelling, screaming or publicly humiliating others at work. It can be much more subtle, and just as damaging. Check your knowledge of behaviors that constitute workplace bullying and see how many you were aware of.

1.  Taking credit for the work or accomplishments of others. If you know someone who does this you need to be strategic in how you deal with him or her.  Be sure to “promote” yourself appropriately within the organization.  Let others know what you have accomplished and don’t share information unnecessarily with the bully.

2.    Leaving you out of the information loop.  This tactic is a way of sabotaging your success if it is done on a regular basis with information that is critical to your role.  Make sure you address the issue with the appropriate individuals in your workplace, including HR.

3.    Telling lies about you to people in authority in order to make you seem incompetent.  This is a difficult one to deal with because destructive gossip is usually done behind closed doors.  Be sure that you are always keeping your leader apprised of what you are accomplishing.  Keep personal records of what you have said and done, deadlines you have met and accomplishments you have achieved, even if you think they are minor.  Review these with your leader during your performance review and during regular update meetings.

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