The Shallow World

Living in a world that is highly saturated with images and messages telling you how you should look, makes it difficult to properly construct a healthy image of ones self. All around us magazines, television, and other media facets bombard us with images of unnaturally thin models and celebrities, asserting that they are the epitome of beauty. In order to be deemed as beautiful, many people think they must achieve these unrealistic body standards.  We have gotten to the point where our society cares more about people’s weight and their outer beauty than they care about the beauty inside everyone.

Making It Deeper

So, what is the solution? Avoiding this type of media is unrealistic. Petitioning the advertising agencies has been mostly unsuccessful. Companies like Dove have started campaigns promoting a healthy body image, but they are a small minority. The key thing to understand is that your perceptions of yourself and your body have less to do with your actual appearance and more to do with how you feel about yourself as a person. You can be as beautiful as Beyonce or as handsome as Brad Pitt, but think you look ugly if you feel ugly on the inside. To construct a healthy body image, it is crucial to find inner peace. Once you do, you’ll stop caring what the models in the magazines look like; You’ll know you are beautiful exactly as you are.

Key Thought

If you don’t like how you look on the outside, you need to examine how you look on the inside.

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