I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed with cancer – for the second time. Nine years ago she overcame breast cancer, married a wonderful man and built a lovely life with him after a painful divorce. I was so happy for her.

Three weeks ago she shared with me that she couldn’t move her fingers. I noticed her speech was somewhat impaired and I thought, “stroke” urging her to get to the hospital quickly. She arrived in emerg in the middle of the night. Within hours they diagnosed her with tumors on her brain and in her stomach.

Her husband was devastated. He had lost his first wife to cancer.

When I went to visit her the next day I was upset and prepared for the worst. She surprised me. Her sense of humor was intact, her optimism unaffected and her inner peace unsettling.

“How are you?” I asked. “I’m ok,” she said. Then she laughed. “Sam (not his real name) and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in emerg, drinking apple juice and eating hospital food.”

My friend is just an average everyday person – on the outside. But on the inside she is a hero: filled with courage and peace, rooted in belief, demonstrated in strength through the overcoming of adversity, and a resiliency of spirit.

Are you someone’s “hero?” If we strive always to be the best versions of ourselves possible, we have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the lives of others in our everyday lives: friends, colleagues, children, grand children partners…even strangers.

Key Thought: Strive to leave a lasting impression of hope, courage and resilience in the people of your everyday life.