Dr. Rajiv Kumar recently wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “a growing body of research suggests that nurturing employee health and wellness has a significant impact on productivity — which, as we all know, has a direct bearing on company profitability.”

A Harvard study shows that for each dollar spent on wellness programs, large companies get back $3.27 in reduced health costs, and $2.73 in costs connected to absenteeism.

In Canada full time workers take nearly 10 days off per year due to illness, disability (physical or mental), personal and family issues.  That results in over $12 billion in losses to Canadian employers (Statistics Canada).

Towers Watson, a leading global consulting firm reports “Canadian employers increasingly realize that implementing a one-size-fits-all health program will not improve the health of their workforce.”  According to their 2013/2014 survey, Staying @ Work, organizations are focusing more carefully on creating cultures that support physical and mental health.

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Key Thought:  You can’t have productive high functioning employees if they are sick, depressed, conflicted, stressed, unhappy or absent from their jobs.  It makes no sense.