Successful dating doesn’t come easily for most people. It ends up being a painful challenging experience when it could be light, fun and exciting. Why? We receive no education on how to choose a partner or be a partner.  Yet, we’re supposed to just know how to do it.

Most dating advice focuses on creating opportunities for dating as if it’s a numbers game. “Join a dating site.”  “Call a matchmaker.”  “Get out there and meet people.”

But what happens once you’re on that date? Only 20% of people who meet online develop ongoing successful relationships.  Think about it. If you go for a job interview without any skills or expertise you’re never going to get that job.  So how is it we think we can land the most important job in life, being a partner, without any training and expect to be successful at it?

The BizLife Institute has recently released an online dating series by Psychoanalyst Dr. Stephanie Bot that will transform the way people date.  Packed with new insights, valuable skills and tips along with wise advice that is usually reserved for her patients, this series will help you prevent dating nightmares, overcome obstacles and experience dating in a whole new way.

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