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We are an HR Resource Company specializing in Mental Health, Psychological Safety and Interpersonal Excellence in the Workplace.

Our mission is to support you to transform your business and your employees by providing you with best in class Training Courses, Assessments, Consulting and Coaching, helping to make your workplace safer, more productive and compliant.

We’re here to serve the HR community 24/7. Check out all our services and let us know how we can be of service.

Who We Are

BizLife Solutions  is a Canadian based company working out of  Toronto, Ontario. We operate in the Human Resources, Performance Management, Mental Health, Wellness, Professional Development and Employee Corporate Training sectors.

Here’s what we’re thinking and doing.  We are focused, interested and dedicated to impacting people and organizations on a broad and meaningful scale. We do this by delivering outstanding professional online resources and Bizassessments that teach employees how to work and live more productive, healthier and successful lives @Work and @Home.

What We Do

We assess and resolve the “people issues” faced by employees in North America with remarkable E-Training, Bizassessments, Corporate E-Wellness Programs and customized coaching plans.

The companies we know want support and learning resources in performance management, communication, leadership, customer service, workplace stress, mental health, wellness, interpersonal conflict and Human Resources. They use our services to improve employee relations, engagement and retention, productivity, team building and succession planning while also promoting mental health and wellness, improved relationships and quality of life!

We want to decrease absenteeism, disability claims, staff turnover, insurance premiums and personal suffering.

Our clients appreciate us for our customized approach, expertise, customer service and cost effective multiple delivery options.

How We Do It

Our clients are looking for smart, innovative ways to solve their people problems and improve employee performance quickly and without breaking the bank. Our unbelievable team of professionals do this with fantastic E-courses and amazing Bizassessments. We measure and address the “people problems” our clients are complaining about but haven’t been able to solve yet using the usual suspects. We’re delivering something different. We design customized metrics and E-Training courses aligned with clients’ mission, vision, values and goals to create a perfect fit tailored to each company’s objectives.We even deal with the interpersonal issues, mental health and physical wellness concerns that are burning out employees @Work and @Home with our BizLife E-Library.

We can do most of this in person, but we think you’ll like our E-version better. With it, you can access our whole team and all our great courses 24/7.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Stephanie Bot is the Co-Founder of BizLife Solutions. She is the owner and Supervising Psychologist at Dr. Stephanie Bot and Associates and practices as a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in her midtown Toronto office. She is on the faculty of the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and on the Advisory Board of Oxygen Magazine

Marilyn Debora, CTP, brings over 25 years of senior level management experience and training expertise to her corporate consulting and training practice. Her out-of-the-box approach with standard methodologies, engages participants that empowers them to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Dr. Danson is a chiropractor with High Point Wellness Centre. She developed and implemented an Injury Prevention Program for the Olympium Synchronize Swimming Club, Etobicoke Swim Club and Etobicoke Royal York Football Club. Dr. Danson is the team chiropractor for Olympian Synchronize Swimming Club and volunteers as the chiropractor at the Dawn ‘til Dusk Ski Challenge for the Nik Zorcic Foundation.

Donna Marshall, M.A. Counselling Psychology is the CEO of BizLife Solutions, a Toronto based boutique Workplace Respect and Harassment Resource and Consulting firm. She lectures, writes, consults and advises organizations on how to prevent, manage and respond to harassment in the workplace as well as how to create an inspiring and respectful work culture.

Shauna Lindzon, R.D. is a highly sought after consulting Dietition. Her background includes the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre specializing in Kidney Disease and Neurosurgery, development of workshops on weight management at The King’s Health Centre and providing restaurant nutritional consultations.

A successful senior executive Human Resources and Organizational Development professional, Janice brings her track record of success to client projects focused on improving performance, productivity and workplace experience. She has successfully led critical projects that drive organizational change.

John Marshall manages the accounting and IT customer support at BizLife. His background is in business, manufacturing and purchasing and our clients consistently rave about his support that goes “above and beyond” expectations.

Dr. Dwight Chapin is the Clinic Director for Highpoint Wellness Centre, Team Chiropractor for the Toronto Argonauts, World Health Day Keynote Speaker for the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) and Healthy Activity Expert with the Canadian Olympians Act NOW Program.

Sandra Lax is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and addictive disorders including sex, love, substances and food. She is the founder of Recovery Connections Canada, former group facilitator at The Kyla Fox Therapy Centre, Counselor at Kenneth M. Adams and Associates and Primary Counselor at The Meadows.

I have trained the police, military and competitive athletes. I first got into teaching self defence to the everyday person when someone I knew was assaulted. I thought that if I could have taught her some basic skills this may not have happened. So I developed a program of simple strategies that you can use in any situation to improve your safety and confidence.

Why choose BizLife Solutions?

Mental Health & Wellness
Learn from some of the best mental health professionals how to manage anxiety, depression, addictions, stress, eating issues and anger etc. in yourself and others. Learn from Doctors and Health Professionals how to manage & prevent viruses, injuries and health issues while developing wellness strategies to eat right, sleep right and live well.
Performance Management
HR courses, Compliance Programs, Customized 360 online Performance Reviews, Performance Check-ins, Corporate Surveys, Succession Planning, Employee Skills and Development Training.
Leadership Training
E-courses developed by our faculty or yours to give Leaders the interpersonal and professional skills training they need to lead your employees to success.
Relationships and Life Cycle
Relationships can be trying. We give employees information and useable skills to deal with difficult people, manage conflict, address relationship addiction, and so much more! Life throws everyone challenges. Our E-programs on marriage, divorce, loss, grief, parenting, retirement, etc. help employees in an easy, private and confidential manner.
Employee Orientation
For the best Onboarding experience, efficiently and effectively align employees around vision, values, goals, job skills, compliance, HR policies and procedures etc.
Bullies @Work
Our Bully Rehabilitation Program has proven success and includes a 3600 Assessment, Communicating with Respect 8 part online course series, workbook and personal coaching.

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