The H.E.A.R.T. Program

Our H.E.A.R.T.™ (Harassment Education Advisory Response Team) Program sets the GOLD standard for preventing, managing and responding to workplace harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace. It exceeds standards of legislation across North America.

Our response program is endorsed by the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) as the most comprehensive and psychologically sound approach to managing and preventing workplace incidents of violence and harassment.

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Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act: AODA


Our Helping Hands AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act) Program is your guide to creating a safe, accessible and compliant workplace that is welcoming to customers with disabilities. Whether you are a large corporation with thousands of employees or a one person operation, you need to create an inclusive environment and understand the AODA legislation. We make it easy for you to implement Accessible Customer Service Standards as required by the AODA.

With our Helping Hands program and online Employee Training you’ll learn information and skills on how to easily provide customer service to your clients with disabilities. We partnered with the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides to give you a unique view into the importance of the AODA legislation, with video demonstrations of how to handle customer service situations. We contribute Ten Percent of the proceeds from every Helping Hands manual to Dog Guides for their invaluable work providing service animals to persons with disabilities.

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AODA Compliance Toolbox

The Helping Hands Guidebook
The Guidebook is your roadmap to creating accessible customer service for persons with disabilities. You get:

  • Assessments
  • Checklists
  • Strategies
  • Communication Scripts and Tools
  • Feedback Form Template
  • Notice of Disruption of Services
  • A complete accessibility plan

We give you the policy, you just fill in the blanks.  To purchase now, get in touch with us here.

Helping Hands Guidebook

AODA Online Compliance Training
Train your staff on creating an accessible workplace, both for themselves and for their customers.  Our AODA training program is both informative and engaging and features videos from Ian Ashworth, director of Dog Guides Canada. Hosted on our easy to use, state of the art Learning Management System you’ll get tracking, reporting and reminder emails to ensure your staff is compliant and completing their training. To purchase now, get in touch with us here.

Helping Hands

BizLife Training E-Library: The BizLife Institute

Our Biz library of E-courses, hosted on the BizLife Institute, is an investment in your employees building the learning capital they need in communication, leadership, customer service, resolving conflict, performance management, succession planning and more.

Our Life library of E-courses, also hosted on the BizLife Institute, is an investment in your employees’ overall wellbeing.  Imagine your employees with LESS illness, relationship issues, emotional struggles, workplace problems and MORE productivity, energy and success, all leading to better results at lower costs for you.


We brand a Learning Management System for you

We put all your training and resources, plus ours, online

We give your employees access to your library and our E-resources 24/7


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Better Results at Lower Costs - Employee Orientation

Employee Orientation

For the best Onboarding experience, efficiently and effectively align employees around vision, values, goals, job skills, compliance, HR policies and procedures etc. in an engaging interactive E-format.

Better Results at Lower Costs - Performance Management

Performance Management

HR courses, Compliance Programs, Customized 360 online Performance Reviews, Performance Check-ins, Corporate Surveys, Succession Planning, Employee Skills and Development Training.

Better Results at Lower Costs - Leadership Training

 Leadership Training

E-courses developed by our faculty or yours to give Leaders the interpersonal and professional skills training they need to lead your employees to success.

Better Results at Lower Costs - Bullies At Work

Bullies @Work: What to Do

Our Bully Rehabilitation Program has proven success and  includes a 3600 Assessment, Communicating with Respect 8 part online course series, workbook and personal coaching.

Better Results at Lower Costs - Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Learn from some of the best mental health professionals how to manage anxiety, depression, addictions, stress, eating issues and anger etc. in yourself and others. Learn from Doctors and Health Professionals how to manage & prevent viruses, injuries and health issues while developing wellness strategies to eat right, sleep right and live well.

Better Results at Lower Costs - Relationships and Life Cycle

Relationships and Life Cycle

Relationships can be trying. We give employees information and useable skills to deal with difficult people, manage conflict, address relationship addiction, and so much more! Life throws everyone challenges.  Our E-programs on marriage, divorce, loss, grief, parenting, retirement, etc. help employees in an easy, private and confidential manner.