Harassment Investigation
in the Workplace
In the workplace.

Ensuring workplaces are safe is no longer optional. It’s the law.

Harassment complaints have two liabilities: one is the alleged harassment, and the other is your approach to the complaint and the investigation.

When employees experience harassment at work, Bill 132 requires an unbiased, confidential, thorough investigation, either internally or by a third party. Leading a safe, fair and balanced investigation will protect your employees — and your company.

At BizLife, our Harassment Education Advisory Response Team (HEART) is the gold standard for preventing, managing and investigating harassment at work.

If your company must conduct an investigation, we will equip you with all the resources you will need, including:

  • A customizable, turn-key written program to conduct a psychologically safe and legally sound investigation
  • Training for individuals in your organization to conduct investigations

BizLife has conducted hundreds of investigations for harassment and sexual harassment in Canada.  We are the country’s leading experts in ensuring a harassment-free workplace.

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